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Who we are:

Our Agency was founded in 1938 as a property and casualty insurance agency. Since that time, our company has grown to include a staff of over 30 insurance specialists. Currently, John J. & Thomas R. Schiff & Co. serves the needs of many individuals, families and businesses in your area.

One of our Specialties:

John J. & Thomas R. Schiff & Co. is a proven leader in the Cincinnati area for providing comprehensive coverages at excellent prices through payroll deduction/group billing.

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This is not a policy or binder of insurance. Submitting your information for a quote does not constitute a binder of insurance. All submissions are underwritten by insurance companies represented by John J. & Thomas R. Schiff & Co., Inc., and reserve the right to deny, restrict, or alter coverages according to their underwriting guidelines. For a list of all coverages and conditions, please refer to your policy contract.

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